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Ayesh when she was yet flakkach

Ayesh is a short woman, about as short as a human can be without being a midget. Her slender build is often hidden by a padded quilted jacket, and padded quilted leggings, both of which show wear and dust from a road long turned to ash. On her legs she bears tattoos of reeds and grasses, and the remnants of old black stitches that were never removed. On her arms were tattoos of sunbursts, and on her torso, stars and the moon itself. She wears basic well worn boots, and carries no obvious weapons on her person. She does seem immediately injured, however, as her hands are wrapped in bandaged that do not inhibit the motion or flexibility of her hand, but does make obvious the fact that she has only 4 fingers on each hand, lacking both pinkies.

What she carries with her:
When she is found, what will be found is a giant cocoon of unknown origin. (Crossover from another series, but she will not remember the events that led up to it) When it is opened, it will reveal a plain wood coffin, the wood from a tree that was native to the world when she knew it, when it lived in her time. A close cousin of it might be found on Risa now, but no exact matches. The lid of the coffin, however is a door, clearly that belonged once to a small building. It is made of the same wood, and on the front, raised, is an image of two human looking hands embracing. One hand is black, one hand is white. She will want to keep that door. You have been warned, lol.

Inside the coffin are three smaller, and very lumpy cocoons, piled carefully atop each other. The top contains her and her bag. The other two are Raal, Tlik, and Tanarax, along with their belongings. Not that Ayesh will ever allow anyone to open those.

Her belongings: in a rough hewn sack, she carries the following -
A book of histories that is old and crumbling, worn with time and use.
A large crystal, the likes of which match no current geological structures, though it most closely resembles a diamond.
A book of verse, well loved, well cared for, but clearly has seen much use.
A sash that had once been worn by her master.
A flute that is made of an unknown metal that seems... off... somehow.
A box that contains a fire that gives off no smoke, no heat, but shifts color on her command and sheds light.
A flute made for eight fingers, Copper with silver, and writing along it in a script long dead, that probably looks much like a map of a labyrinth, or like a maze.
Some coins, coppers and silvers mostly, a few gold.

Information about the cocoons can be found in the first few pages from here:

Or just enjoy these images:

Contact post:

Disclaimer "This is an unofficial fan account created for the purpose of role playing at ten_fwd; I am not Istini Ayesh Ni Hata Kan, who is the property of Hanovi Braddock and WOTC. No copyright infringement is intended, and no profit is being made."

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